Baked Pakora

Baked Pakora


20 mins

Cook Time

20 mins



My husband loves pakoras, so it was only a matter of time before I recreated an alternative to his otherwise fried favorite!

What is a pakora you ask?? It is a piece of vegetable deep fried in a batter made of chickpea flour and a variety of spices, originating from India. This popular appetizer is sold as street food, and can also be found at restaurants and weddings.

Pakoras are often served with a chutney (mint, cilantro, etc), tamarind or raita (yogurt). Pair with a cold or hot beverage (masala chai is a great choice).

You can swap around spices and vegetables, making different variations of this delicious appetizer.

These oven baked pakoras are a healthier alternative to the standard fried version. Enjoy!



Notes: When baking the pakora, brush them with avocado oil to give them a "fried-like" texture.

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