Antioxi-berry (Post-Workout) Smoothie

Antioxi-berry (Post-Workout) Smoothie


5 mins

Cook Time

0 mins



This is such a great smoothie to consume after a workout. The ingredients listed here are for one smoothie but I always add a little extra cause my children love it as well (as for the hubby, he HATES strawberries, so... more for me).

In this smoothie there are many healthful ingredients that can help nourish your body and muscles, and decrease post workout inflammation.

Let's break this powerhouse down:

  1. Berries: are a great addition to any 'diet' they are full of antioxidants, fiber and other great nutrients. They not only have a lower sugar content than most other fruits, they also taste amazing!
  2. Flax milk: compared to many other non-dairy milks, flax milk is very creamy which is why it is my milk of choice when it comes to smoothies. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and is naturally lactose and cholesterol free.
  3. Hemp seeds: Did you know that in 3 tbsps of hemp seeds there is 10g of protein, what a powerful seed! Also within that serving you can nourish your body with manganese, magnesium, healthy fats, iron, thiamin, phosphorus, etc.
  4. Turmeric root: Turmeric has hit the mainstream market recently but is well dated from the ayurvedic diet. I began using turmeric in my smoothies about 11 years ago due to its immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties (activated when paired with black pepper). I have continued to use it since then as I truly feel it has helped me with post workout recovery.

I love wholesome food and I love making my food work for me. When you understand food at a micro nutritional level (I really try), you can truly appreciate what and how certain foods can provide the needed nutrients at specific times. I really hope you enjoy this blend!




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